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Hạt điều là gì?

Điều hay còn gọi là đào lộn hột (danh pháp khoa học: Anacardium occidentale  đồng nghĩa: Anacardium curatellifolium A.St.-Hil.) là một loại cây công nghiệp dài ngày thuộc họ Xoài. Cây này có nguồn gốc từ đông bắc Brasil, nơi nó được gọi bằng tiếng Bồ Đào Nha là Caju (nghĩa là “quả”) hay Cajueiro (“cây”). Ngày nay nó được trồng khắp các khu vực khí hậu nhiệt đới để …

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History of cashews

HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF CASHEW Cashew originated from Brazil, the South American tropics and cashew gradually dispersed to Africa, Asia, Australia. Today cashew has strewn in the boundary latitude 300 North and latitude 30. Cashew can be grown in harsh and diverse climatic conditions. High heat-loving plant is sensitive to …

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Zinc in cashews

The nuts are rich in zinc . Cashews contain very specific types of minerals . 100 g cashews can carry up to 5.6 mg or 37 % DV zinc . Other nuts contain zinc include pine nuts ( 12 % DV ) , pecans , ( 9 % DV ) …

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What are cashews good for

Cashews are good for human’s health, particularly pregnant women and children Many people avoid eating cashews because of their fat content, but there is no doubt that cashews provide several health benefits,. The fact is that cashews contain less fat than many other nuts, and what they do contain is primarily …

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Calcium in cashew nuts

In all of the cereals, cashew supplies 114mg or 14% calcium. It has one way to taste cashew: little cashew + non-cream soya bean + strawberry, you get a healthy and nutritious drink. Nowadays, base on Le’s information, many women use cashew – milk ( extract of cashew) as a …

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Cashew nuts calories

NUTRITION OF CASHEW   LE uasually eats Cashew as a daily food and Le has learned many things about its nutrition. Because Le is a girl and Lê do not want to be fat. 100g Cashew nut contains 564Kcal as much as many natural nuts such as: peanut, sunflower seed…. …

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wholesale cashews

Vietnam Cashew is a famous product all over the world because the fertile soil and land result in a special taste for Vietnam cashews. We were born and  grew up in the rural countryside of South Vietnam, where many trees laden as rambutan, durian, cashews …are planted   We are farmers in Vietnam …

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Where does a cashew come from

Hi everybody,   My name is Le, a cashew farmer in Vietnam. Cashew nuts in our homeland is a world famous product for the special  taste of this land. We would like to introduce these nuts to everyone. Because nuts come from our small garden,  they are planted and taken …

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How much fat in cashew

Cashew nut is a high-fat food but the fat is good for the our health. Cashew nuts are also rich in fiber and energy, this is the ideal snack for you to control weight gain. If you eat cashews 2 times per week, you are less likely overweight and obese …

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How to use cashew in diet

In the US, in the cafe or office work, the girls often bring boxes of dried nuts like cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts … and use regularly every day under the expert advice nutrition. why is it so attractive?     Dried beans do not cause weightgain   A study on …

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