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How much protein in cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are very popular worldwide because of the wonderful delicious and abundant nutritional value that nuts bring health days. Recently, many users of cashews to prevent deficiency or malnutrition for the elderly to meet obstacles in lack of quality dining. Or they do use nuts as snacks or animal …

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How to use cashow nut

Cashew nuts are consumed worldwide. Every year, the guests from the USA, France, Australia, Japan, … buy cashews from us because they love our cashew nuts , love the fresh, delicious product than a lot of other selling places. We are farmers and we have produced salted cashew nuts, we …

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How to eat cashew nuts

Hello my dear customer   My name is Le and I know most of you eat cashew in the wrong way. Because most of cashew product in the world are core. You buy it, you eat it without preparing or cooking. The most quality  and nutritious cashews is the outer …

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Roasted salted cashews

Salted cashew nuts are with a little salt (the ratio is 1:100 with 1 for salt) to increase the bold, delicious nuts.     Salted cashew nuts are very popular all over the world  and is considered as a popular nutritious and delicious snack .     customers prefer eating …

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Cashew nuts benefits

Cashew is consumed all over the world, especially in China and USA due to its precious uses.     Prevents Cancer Healthy Heart Lowers High Blood Pressure Helps Hair Healthy Bones Healthy Nerves Prevents Gallstones Helps in Weight Loss Anti-oxidants Helps Digestion High on Vitamins Healthy Gums and Teeth Pleasant …

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How to make cashew nuts

There are four basic steps:     1. Prepare a large roasting pan, leave the salt into the pan in a moderate amount, not too little nor too much. 2. Getting the pan on the stove stirring until salt reaches the extreme heat Then seed it on, rotating immediately . …

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How is cashew nuts processed

HOW TO ROAST CASHEW NUTS WITH SALT TO BE CRUNCHY Fresh cashew nuts after drying and shelling  still has a hard outer silk surrounding (in the market, they sell unshelled cashew nuts, you can buy these product, this is more convenient for you) If you choose to roast cashew nuts …

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Cashew tree

CASHEW IS A TROPICAL TREE GROWN IN INDia , Nigeria….and cashew in Viet Nam is the best with average shape and has special smell, taste and good reputation all over the world.     Cashew, which has a scientific name: Anacardium occidentale L – Anacardium curatellifolium A.St.-Hil, is a long-period …

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Why cashew nut good for health ?

Known for delicious flavor , cashews also provide all the necessary nutrients for the body . While some people think that this is an unhealthy foods and too much fat , the truth is quite the opposite . Cashews provide a rich source of essential nutrients such as zinc , …

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Vitamins and minerals in cashews

Cashew nuts are an extremely nutritious and  healthy . Eating nuts regularly and properly  can bring benefits such as cancer prevention , good for your heart , good skin and hair, teeth , weight loss , prevention of gallstones and a lot of mental work benefits . But our advice …

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