10 kinds of food doctor suggests pregnant to avoid

Pregnant not only care to good foods to eat but also focus foods are avoid to eat. As a mother they very worry about deformities, miscarriage and something likes that, so pregnant has to read this article. Here is list of food doctor suggests to avoid.

1. Katuk

Katuk is popular in Asian countries with tropical climate. Katuk is rich of protein so it is suggested to eat to replace for animal protein to limit calcium metabolism disorders which cause to osteoporosis and kidney stones.

Special katuk is full of vitamin K – which helps to prevent risk of broken bone, and it also is full of papaverin – which helps to reduce visceral pain, lower blood pressure, so it is very good for elder.

Katuk is good for postpartum women, it cleans vernix and promotes push out vernix, dialysis and detoxify effectively.  

Although katuk is a favorite food of many people, this plant is also the most dangerous food, because katuk make miscarriage, hemorrhage, foetal derangement. In some countries, doctor recommends not to eat this plant in pregnancy to avoid symptoms.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple can promote strongly uterine contractions and increase peristalsis so it’s not good for weak fetus. In the first week of pregnancy, fetus is not hold on tight to uterine, eating pineapple can probably make miscarriage. However, doctor suggest woman pregnant to eat pineapple in the two final weeks, it’s great for you to have favorable birth. Remember not to eat pineapple early, eating in 1-2 week before giving birth is the best.

3. Coconut juice

Rumor has it that coconut juice helps child has light and smooth skin if pregnant woman drink coconut juice in the first three month. This rumor is wrong, because child’s skin depend on parent’s genetics. In the first three week, it’s good if pregnant women sometimes drink coconut juice, but pregnant women shouldn’t drink it everyday. Coconut juice is cold, it make pregnant is weaker and it rise the risk of miscarriage. For Eastern, if Ying and Yang are not balanced in body, it will make bad turbid problems.

After the first three month, pregnant women can drink comfortably because fetus hold tightly to uterine and mother’s body is stronger, drinking coconut juice provides water for cleaner and more amniotic fluid, so coconut juice is used to treat lack of amniotic fluid for pregnant women.

4. Seafood

Seafood contains a lot of mercury and helminthes, shellfish clams and mussels specially have a lot of helminthes, that’s why doctor recommends not eat seafood to avoid for fetus in pregnancy.  

5. Green papaya

GREEN papaya is food pregnant women should avoid.

Green papaya and unripe papaya contain a lot of enzyme and resin can make uterine contractions, it causes miscarriage special in the first three month, so that, pregnant women absolutely shouldn’t eat green papaya and unripe papaya. Green papaya and unripe papaya is also dangerous tool for naturally abortion without medicine, so mother absolutely get it away.

Pregnant women should eat ripe papaya because it contains full of good nutrition for pregnancy and necessary for infant. After giving birth, stewed meat papaya soup is nutritious and is good for health, it helps remove vernix out from body faster.

6. Uncooked food

All uncooked food is needed to avoid in pregnancy because it contains a lot of helminthes and it causes food poisoning. Helminthes infections will make miscarriage and deformities. Fresh vegetable is limited, because fresh vegetable popularly full helminthes and pesticides, so that, you should to cook vegetable to eat.

7. Sea fish

Sea fish is should eat a few. If eating too much, it is dangerous. Sea fish contains full of mercury in its body so doctor always recommend be careful with it.

8. Smoking

If pregnant women smoke in the first pregnancy (the first three month), it rises the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, their infant will easily be cleft lip, cleft palate, intellectual disability.

In the final pregnancy is the time when the fetus’s cells of spirit “connect” with mother’s brain, so that if cells of spirit are touched by nicotine, it will hurt strongly to brain, child will be intellectual disability, behavioral disorders, low weight, premature birth, asthma, respiratory disease...

9. Wine, beer

Drink wine, beer in pregnancy will rise to the risk of bad problems for child like ability to learn, speak, language, reduced concentration, hyperactivity. All disadvantages are called “Effects of alcoholic beverages on the fetus”.

Drinking too much in pregnancy will rise to the risk “Effects of alcoholic beverages on the fetus”. That dangerous status makes child intellectual disability and malnutrition. Child will be behavioral disorders heart and face deformities.

10. Tea, coffee

Caffeine is not only in coffee but also in soda, tea, chocolate and some kind of medicines. Drinking too much caffeine can make miscarriage, biological disorders of child.

Caffeine in tea, coffee creates bad effect to fetus’s growth. Special the first three month of pregnancy, the fetus is unstable.

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