6 benefits of vitamin E for skin

What is benefit of Vitamin E?

The scientists prove that Vitamin E brings to clearly benefits to skin, such as:

  • Protect skin out of pollution environment
  • Vitamin E helps to skin to protect UV ray
  • Vitamin E is a great cream for moisturize
  • Vitamin E is strong in anti-inflammatory – is a benefit helps to prevent from premature aging as dermatitis which causes skin aging
  • Vitamin E helps to skin is heal quickly

Besides that, Vitamin E is good for support skin to absorb nutritious for better

Vitamin E protect skin to pullution environment

Pollution environment like oxidants in body causes radical which odd oxygen molecule destroys cells of body and causes premature aging. Vitamin E is good anti-oxidant, helps to remove radicals so it ensure aging process is kept by destroying chain reaction is caused radicals.

Vitamin E prevent skin from UV ray

Sunlight helps create Vitamin D is good for body but when people contact with strong UV radiation which causes bad effect to skin. It creates sunburn causes degeneration in cells, age spots and loses elasticity of skin so skin is dry, rough, wrinkled. Besides that, UV radiation makes skin becomes photosensitive and causes skin cancer.

When you use Vitamin E take care your skin, it can reduce skin redness, remove sunburn cells, hurt skin by UV B… However, you need to remember that Vitamin E isn’t sunscreen cream.

Cosmetics or moisturizer contains anti-oxidants as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and beta carotene… helps to protect bad effects of oxidation process by sunlight to cells, DNA and protein of skin. However vitamin isn’t sunscreen cream but it can reduce bad effects to skin especially it combines with sunscreen cream. When Vitamin E combines with Vitamin C they will reduce to appear sunburn cells and protect skin well.

The other study showed that Vitamin E can protect fibroblasts of skin which creates collagen, glycosaminoglycans, elastic yarn and glycoprotein, helps skin becomes strong, young and heath. 

Vitamin E for moisturize

Vitamin E is proved that can reduce wrinkle on skin which is caused by sunlight, and can moisturize well, helps to prevent skin from dehydration, improve naturally humidity of skin.

Vitamin E helps to protects to skin aging

The others roles an important part in skin aging is caused by horizontal link of protein in skin, it is popular when skin is damaged by ultraviolet ray. Vitamin E is useful in preventing horizontal link and effect of aging, protects natural enzyme in skin.

Vitamin E protect to oxidant

Vitamin E is one of lipid contents can protect to oxidant. The oxidant causes radicals, and if they aren’t removed or reduced, they will destroy cells. That oxidant also can be caused by environment as ultraviolet rays, pollution… Vitamin E protects cells and membrane from radical oxidant and environment.

Vitamin E for healing

A study about healing showed that adding 5% Vitamin E can helps would be heal faster than normally, it means Vitamin E promotes ability to heal of wound. Vitamin E is necessary for development of collagen of skin – which is system support skin is maintained and health.