Benefits of cashew nut for health

Cashew nut always is a delicious dish and nutritious dish. It is also a gift which every one give each other in New Year. Let’s discover benefits of this cashew nut bring to our health with GIK.VN:


Quickview about nutrition value of cashew nut

Cashew nut is a kind of nut has kernels from cashew trees, a kind of tree has born from Brazil. It is planted in many Asian countries and Viet Nam too. The cashew nut has become a perfect raw material on salad dishes by fatty and aromatic of it. Which also make rice and cari have been better smell and have been higher nutrition content.



Full of energy

With 503 calo over 100 gram, kernel of cashew nut has fuller energy than almost kind of nut another kernel has 160 calories- which really anexcellent source of energy.

According Agriculture Department, kernel has high content some ingredients as protein, lipit and vegetarian fatty. 100 gram of that cashew nut has 30 gram lipit, means 23% lipit content is essential for body a day. Protein content is 18 gram, means 1/3 of demandation a day, and fat content is 48 gram, 146% of demandation of body a day.

Although fat content at kernel is high, that fatty is vegetarian unsaturated fatty which is good for health. That nut has not cholesterol, so it is very safer for heart.


A lot of vitamin


Kernel has a lot of vitamin E and vitamin B. It has 35%content ofnatural vitamin E is necessary for a day – which is strong anti-oxidant, can protect DNA and ensures of action of cells in body.

Do you know impact of vitamin E with skin, don’t you?

Pre-vitamin B in kernels of cashew nut compound: Thiamine, Pyridoxine, and Pantothenic Acid.They role a essential play in metabolically of nutrition as fatty and sugar to make lipit intio energy for action of body.


Exelllent source of mineral


Kernel of cashew nut is a excellent source of mineral. In every 100 gram kernel of cashew nut has 244% bronze content essentially a day, 85% phosphorus content, 83% ferrous content, 73% magnesium content, 52% zinc content, 36% selenium (you know zinc and selenium help us ance treatment? Let’s search on google, you will so surprise!)All of that mineral content combine together for ensuring your body always health. They prevent from ills happen by decrease popularal mineral. Not only that. Kernel has high of potassium, help balanced water and electrolyte for ensuringaction of mushles and heart system.

Important benefits of cashew nut for health


Stabilize heart – good for elder

The fat from cashew nut help your heart is healthy because it decreasestriglycerides– which make heart system becomes chaotic. With magienium, kernel helps control blood presure. Eating regularly kernel is very good for heart system because of high magienium.

Every one knowsthe good heart is important. Cashew nut is one kind of food which is very good for heart. It almost has notcholesterol and has hight monounsaturatedfat content.


Prevent from cancer

Cashew nut has anti-oxidant – which is rare, impact prevent from appearing cells cancer. That nut has proanthocyanidins help for preventing the growth of tumor and destroyed of DNA.

According studying, usually eating kernel help decrease risk of cancer. In addittion, with high bronze content, kernel impact positively in preventing and treating colon cancer.

Anti-oxidants in kernel limit the development of free radicalsis effect to body.That free radicals can create a lot of dangerous desease as cancer and heart problems.


For beautiful skin and hair

Mineral bronze in kernel help skin and hair are heathy. Dried skin and weak hair are from without essential vitamin and mineral.

If the body is enough minerals, skin and hair will be better. Bronze is role a important play in control color and structure of skin and hair. If bronze content is suitable, it will help skin and hair are strong, bright and evenly color.

Morever, vitamin E in cashew nut can help skin more healthy


Improve quality of bone

Magienium is an important composition, is very essential for healthy bone. When body has enough magienium content, the absorbing calcium will be more advantage.

Therefore, you should eat the high magienium food to provide for body enough all kind of minerals. Consuming often kernel will help to improve the quality and strength of bone.


Prevent from gallstones

Scientists prove that, consumers often eat kernel has lower risk of gallstones than who don’t eat it. If you eat kernel every day, risk of gallstones down to 25%.

Gallstone is a disease popularly appears in elders. If you belong to the group has high risk of gallstones, you should consume kernel to down risk.


Control weight

Some people says eat nuts are make you become fat. In fact, cashew nut has monounsaturated fat which support destroys fat. It means, instead of condense in body, fat content will low. Base on destroying fat, monounsaturated fat limits condense fatin body.

The fat in kernel is vegetarian fat which is good for body. Because of hasing high fibre, kernel is support digestion and fuction of instestine. When food is digest and trasition, some problems as constipation will be solved thusthe saving fat is limited.


Relax all part of the body

Because kernel of cashew nut has high magienium content, cosuming often kernel help to relax nerve system, blood vessels andalso muscle in body. It support to trasition of blood good for heart and another part of body. Magienium also limit calcium go to cell nerve, so it decreases risk diabetes.


Limit free radicals

Cashew nut is a famousnut has a lot of strong anti-oxidants. They help our body excreted toxic toxins. Besides that, they keep healthy cells and repair hurt cells. Anti-oxidants in cashew nut is rarely appears in another nuts. They limit development of free radicals–which cause cancer and heart disease.


Source of high vitamin and mineral

Cashew nut has a source of variety high vitamin and mineral. That is gold nut bring in itseft source of high thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and another nutrition which is background for whole development of our body.


Who shouldn’t eat cashew nut?

Kernel is good for health, it bring to us a lot of benefits. However, there are some objects should eat a little bit or shouldn’t eat.If you know how to prevent negative effect from eating habit, it will help your health is better when you taste the delicious and nutrious nut.


Babies under 3 years old not yet teethe

With babies under 3 years old, they have not yet teethed, they haven’t chewed, they only suck cashew nut then swallow so they will be choked and suffocated.

Because kernel often is dried or roasted until it becomes crunchy. When sucking, kernel can not be become soft like cakeor soluted like cady so we shouldn’t feed kernel to babies if they haven’t know chewed.

For safety, mothers should spin cashew nut to make cake or make milk, you also simmer to cashew nut become soft and let babies to pod for eat by themselves. However, with babies, mothers should observe them though they are eating anything. One of bad habit of babies is slummocked sothey often aresuffocated.


Pregnant women under three months

Eating cashew nut is good and brings nutritious to us effectively as if pregnant women eat at right time.

The first three months is the time pregnant women‘s body is very weak, can not absorb nutrition, so this time pregmant women shouldn’t consume something has too high nutrition.

Some conditions pregnant woman has been morning sickness, pregnant women appetite dried cashew nut is depend on characteristic of everyone. Pregnant women can eat but you should eat a little bit, not eat too much. No one is good if you eat a lot.

Eating kernel also has risk of allergy like othernuts if your family has medical history allergy or sensitive with one kind of nuts.

Pregnant women have been allergy with coconut, asthma, eczema, fever, allergic rhinitis or any kind ofallergies, they should avoid to eat food are caused allergies.


Who are kidney failure disease

With high cotent of potassium in kernel, special in dried salt cashew nut is made thekidney failure diseasestatus become worse, because at this time kidneyis so weak, it can not work at well in consuming kernel.

Diet is role a important play in treat and rehabilitate, it special important with some one getkidney failure disease because at this time our kidney is becoming weaker. We need to choose suitable food for help kidney can rehabilitate.

Opposite, if you don’t know about this disease then you consume inappropriate food, it will be worse. The food has high potassium content as cashew nut will make more serious disease. Therefore, patients get kidney failure disease should not eat kernel. In case you want to eat kernel, you should ask for doctor.


Who hoarseness

Hoarseness is a status the voice is change about soundstage, timbre, special in highsoundstage, it make the voice become unclear.

When being sore throat, hoarseness, you should not eat some kind of nuts as: cashew nut, peanut, almondnut… because fat acid in nuts will stimulatemucosa and make the voice become hoarser. It prevents pronunciation, so if you talk more, yourthroat will be more tired.


How much cashew nut should you eat a day?

Kernel is tasty and nutritious, if you eat a lot, you will be bored at eating and you also won’t to eat next time. To be great in eating, you should eat while talking with friends or eat cashew nut combine drink a cup of tea or beer.

You should eat dried cashew nut regularly but eat a lot at every time. Eating 16 cashew nuts until 18 cashew nuts, you will received 37,4% monounsaturated fathelp heart more healthy, 38% essitial bronze content and 22,3% magienium every day. Should eat 2 until 3 time/week is suitable.

Should not eat cashew nut at night and go to bed right now after eating, because when you are full, you can not have a nice sleep. Besides that, the food can not be disgest at night, so you will be fat.


Is heat when eating cashew nut?

This question is asked by a lot of people. If you eat a little bit is ok, but if you eat a lot of cashew nut, you will thirsty and feel heat inside.

For oriental medicine, kernel of cashew nut has sweet, swarm, nutritious, sedative, Sputum treatment.

Kernel has high alkali, phosphorus, selen, magienium and zinc. We also is a source to providephytochemical, anti – oxidant and protein. That nut has high heat content so if eating a lot of cashew nut, your body will be heat and heat inside.

Therefore, if you eat kernel of cashew nut isinordinate, it can not have good effect with health and beauty, so you will be hot, tired by heat inside.

Notes in preservation

Productions often notify expiry date is 12 months. However, in fact, through only 3 months, cashew nut doesn’t not bright any more, the color of cashew nut skin is darker. It is also less delicious, smelly cashew nut oil, and cashew nut is not crunchy just like production though it is kept careful in good condition.

When kernel is not crunchy any more, you can resolve follow some steps:

Put dried salt kernel into microwave for bold during 1 minute to 2 minutes. In case you don’t have microwave, you need to a pan. You only need to heat the pan then add a few salt, wait salt become heat, put kernel into pan and turn your hand until kernel become heat is ok.

Kernel should be preservation in cool to keep freshing for a long time. If in right preservation, kernel can be fresh for some month with ambient temperature, one year in cool compartmentof bridge or two years in frozen bridge.

Don’t preservate kernel in wet and limit preservate kernel in air for a long time, it will be wet. You should keep cashew nut in vacuum package, nilon packageis seal, or plastic box is seal cover. Off kernel is not dangerous but it has bitter, harshso it make consumers feel it is notdelicious.


Effect to health from consuming too much cashew nut

Diet is important in preventing disease and having a good health. Balanced and variety diet just is good solution for good health.

Kernel is mold, preservation is careless… All of which cause digestive problem, for example, poisoned, diarrhea and eating mold kernel is caused to appear risk of cancer. Cooking and preservation are not careful, kernel is attracted by Aspergilus, which born aflatoxin toxic is caused of cancer.It is toxic mold develop in cereals for a long time with bad preservation.

Let’s provide a little bit kernels to your diet to ensuring health and increasing nutrition for your family!