How to make cashew nut milk?

Sometimes, I make pumpkin cashew nut milk or corn cashew nut milk, all of which is my favorite milk. I have created all of which with nutritious and good for health. Using natural nut milk is better than formula milk.

It is said that with a body has good immune system, people can against risk of disease. Therefore, women who are housewives always provide nutrition food for their family.

Few recent years, because the housewives have been considering about benefits of cashew nut is more than all kind of nuts, they have never forgotten to bring cashew nut in their diet families. Moreover, they also use cashew nut to make a safety and good milk for their babies.

For recently time, in the world, Canada encourage citizens to use natural food and remove cow milk out from essential diet. The formula milk is as not good as advertisement so Canadian have replaced formula milk by natural nut milk.

Specially, cashew nut is advantage with vegetarian or who cannot absorb cow milk and someone get a diet.  


Why can cashew nut be used for making milk?

Because you make homemade cashew nut milk, so you can manage materials, fat content, flavor, structure, sweet level. Cashew nut milk is excellent replace in cooking for who abstain lean meat and milk.

I prefer cashew nut than formula milk which without preservative but having toxic chemicals. Cashew nut milk is completely natural.



Cashew nut milk is used for

  • Baby over six month years old
  • Pregnant women, teenager, adult, male
  • Who cannot use cow milk
  • Oldsters are hypertension, diabetes, heart related disease, calcium deficiency

For analysis, cashew nut is the most delicious and the easiest to use in all kind of nut milk. It is easy for you buy high quality cashew nut (cashew nut milk is easily made)

We can easily create to cashew nut milk with delicious, aromatic and nutritious which is very suitable for babies over one year.

With studies, it is necessary that mothers should feed their children with cashew nut milk combine high protein food. It help children feeling delicious, weight gain, good digestive.

Pregnant women should provide cashew nut milk for their meal. If they know how to use that milk, it will help their fetus more intelligent and healthy. Specific, consuming ¼ cup of cashew nut will help mothers receive 37,4% single unsaturated fat for better health heart, 38% bronze and 22,3% magnesium


Steps to make cashew nut

Cashew nut is source of phosphorus, magnesium, which provide to children essential nutrition as protein, anti-oxidant, phytochemical.

Making cashew nut milk is easy with some steps


Materials for one litter cashew nut milk:

  • 100 gram raw cashew nut
  • 800 ml boil water
  • Honey, vanilla flavor
  • Blender, filter net, cleaned tower, box, glass bottle


  1. Clean cashew nut with salty water then clean again it with water, wait until it dried.
  2. Steam for 20 minutes – 30 minutes.
  3. Add vanilla flavor to boiled water
  4. Blending cashew nut with a little hot vanilla water
  5. Add to mixture sugar, honey, milk how to fit with your favorite.

Note: with 100 gram can make up 800 ml litter milk



It is done. Now you have delicious and aromatic cashew nut.

Raw cashew nut without skin is the best suitable for making milk.

Besides that, mothers can add variety flavor to milk as chocolate, matcha… However, natural cashew nut milk is enough delicious and special.

It is said that cashew nut is the best in all kind of milk. Keeping natural nut milk in bottle has liquid you should shake it before using.